SendPro® Enterprise

SendPro® Enterprise

Shipping Solutions

Designed with big businesses and larger organizations in mind, SendPro® Enterprise: The Multi-Carrier Shipping Software. As a business, your enterprise shipping operations can get pretty complex.

Between multiple departments in several locations, employees who work remotely and multiple warehouses, there’s a lot to consider.

SendPro®Enterprise helps streamline your shipping operations and create a tailored process for your organization.

User-friendly interface will achieve all of your shipping needs and adapt as you grow. Take simple and complex shipping operations to the next level by refining cost management, efficiency and compliance processes. Discover savings opportunities and create operational efficiencies across a vast number of users and locations.

A Shipping Software that Keeps Your Organization Secure With SendPro Enterprise, employees will be able to process, create and track shipments and create reports if they’re working at the office, from home, from a client’s office or abroad during a business trip. You’ll be able to add or remove users with ease and track spending and employee activity.

Intelligent shipping solution designed to help businesses thrive.

Centralized view of all sending activity across multiple carriers and users. You’ll be able to compare shipping rates from different carriers in a single view and allow employees to access SendPro Enterprise remotely and securely.

Cost Effective
Track shipping expenses for each department and use the consolidated suite to choose the best carrier option for every package your company sends. Robust accounting feature applies shipping costs to client or department account.

Multi-Carrier Shipping, Simplified
What is multi-carrier shipping software, and how can it help my business? Multi-carrier shipping software allows you to find the best shipping mode and rate without sticking to a single courier. The secret to a successful shipping strategy is to keep costs down and not overspend on rush shipping. To achieve this, an organization must be carrier-diversified and consider the best shipping option available. This is why a multi-carrier shipping software like SendPro® Enterprise is an absolute must.

Increased cost savings

  • On average, 22% of a company’s shipments incur address correction fees.
  • Our multi-carrier software validates address information before a parcel or package leaves the office.
  • The average shipping cost reduction with multi-carrier shipping software: ranges between 2-7%.

Increased efficiency within your organization

  • Save time when comparing rates across carriers.
  • Track shipments from different carriers in one suite.
  • Consolidate all your shipping data to make reporting a breeze.
  • Focus your energy on other things by automating savings.

Flexibility to customers
Customers can choose shipping terms that best suit their needs.

  • Eliminate express shipping fees for non-urgent orders.
  • Provide shipment updates to customers at every stage. See how your company can build its own unique multi-carrier shipping strategy.

Find the right carrier for international, local, and regional deliveries. You can even find freight carriers for every delivery job. Compare shipping rates quickly with one interface and get access to special savings.

Free your IT department from unnecessary costs and software management. With both standard and private cloud solutions, you’ll be able to run your organization efficiently while keeping teams in contact.

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