ConnectRight® Mailer Basic

ConnectRight® Mailer Basic

Address Management and Printing

Improve delivery through address correction.

Whether you’re sending transactional or direct mail, packages or flats, getting your customer addresses correct is critical in getting your message into the right hands. Our address cleansing software integrates cutting-edge data validation capabilities in one simple, intuitive application.

Managing addresses can be simple.

The best time to correct mistakes is before they happen. With ConnectRight Mailer Basic, you can quickly and easily fix your addresses before you send your mail and packages. The application uses the latest web technology, making it simple to install and use right away. Processing your lists is simple with the job templates feature that gives you more time to focus on your business. By using ConnectRight Mailer Basic, you will:

  • Save money by reducing undeliverable mail and carrier address correction fees
  • Improve payment collections and cash flow by ensuring bills get delivered
  • Eliminate uncertainty of faulty address data
  • Make sure your customers feel appreciated.

Avoid leading your customers to feel like “just a number” because of duplicate or inaccurate mail. ConnectRight Mailer Basic helps you manage data integrity and accuracy through advanced duplicate and list management services. You’ll keep your customers happy and save time and money at the same time.

Sending packages doesn’t have to be expensive.
Having accurate address data for sending your packages is important, too. ConnectRight Mailer Basic helps you avoid costly address correction fees by correcting address errors before you send.

Improve ROI by improving data.
Your undelivered mail or mail delivered to the wrong person results in avoidable costs and lost opportunities. You have a lot invested in creating the perfect communication pieces. Don’t lose your work because of poor data. Instead, look to improve your data simply and effectively.

Stay ahead of change.
Street names and addresses change, too. ConnectRight Mailer Basic flags these changes seamlessly and automatically. ConnectRight Mailer Basic determines if address conversion is required and then returns any converted address in a standardized, clean format. You can mail with confidence, knowing you have the latest USPS® information.

Data Quality Features

  • Verify - CASS Certified™ for address correction
  • Includes DPV®, LACSLink®
  • Adds missing postal data, ZIP + 4®, and eLOT®
  • DupeID - Manage Duplicates
  • Record Filtering
  • List Suppression

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