SH Series Shredders

SH Series Shredders

Paper Shredders

Designed for the home or office, the SH Series Shredders offer optimal security and peace of mind with every bit of shredding. Each model includes automatic solid steel-cutting shredding with Easy-Switch control and SPS (Safety protection systems) - an electronically controlled safety flap that detects items in the feed opening. Plus, every model comes with built-in electronic door protection for added security - all within a new sleek design to seamlessly fit your home or office setting.

SH Series shredders cut your confidential information into tiny pieces and keeps it safe with electronic door protection.

The SPS (Safety protection systems) is an electronically controlled safety flap in the feed opening that detects items and automatically shuts off in case of emergencies.

Electronic Capacity Control indicates used sheet capacity to avoid paper jams and the Easy-switch makes it easier to start, stop and reverse.

SH0C Light Duty Shredder

Features efficient light duty cross-cutting shredding while saving space in your home or small office setting.

SH1B Office Shredder

An entry-level office shredder with automatic start and stop shredding, Easy-Switch control, and Safety Protection System that shreds up to 18 pages at a time.

SH3C Office Shredder

Our powerful office shredder offers all of the features in the other models plus has a feed opening of up to 15.7 inches so you can fit more in and includes a large 363-pound shred bin volume so you can empty less often. Contains oil injection system.